Harmony House is proud to introduce you to Harness.

The times they are changing. So is the way we approach fundraising. In these uncertain times, it is even more important that we focus on our mission, to reduce the effects of abuse on all children, as well as individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and the community by serving as a community resource to facilitate identification, intervention, and the prevention of child abuse. Without fundraising it would be nearly impossible to effectively maintain our services, especially with all our services being provided free of charge. Fundraising has never been easy, but Harness makes it a little simpler and keeps everyone safely in the comfort of their own homes and offices. The Harness platform is designed to make donating hassle free for the donor. With a clean and user-friendly interface, a donor can make a one-time donation of any amount but more importantly, it can break down giving to smaller, more affordable forms. Harness gives you the option to make smaller donations that automatically come out of your account each month or even round up your credit and debit card purchases, letting those pennies become so much more to Harmony House. If you are reading this now, you already have shown some interest in Harmony House or are somehow related to supporting our cause. Please take a moment and help make an easy choice to truly make a difference.

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